The guitars that inspired Steve Gage to Design His Own Bigsby Bridge

  • Friday, 16 April 2021
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The guitars that inspired Steve Gage to Design His Own Bigsby Bridge

When it comes to Bigsby Bridge, what you see is what you get. You can learn why this place in North Yorkshire England is a guitar player's mecca with the help of this short article. The town started out as a market town that supplied local residents with wood for homes, and today it is known for its wonderful array of musical instruments that are second only to London's West End for total volume. While the main center of Bigsby is based on cars and shipping, you'll find that a number of other shops sell every accessory imaginable for guitars, drums, keyboards, and more. The Bigsby Bridge Guitar Shop is a highly respected establishment that sells not only guitars but also other music-related supplies as well.

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Back in the early '70s, Rob Booker was living and playing in the small town of Bigsby in North Yorkshire, England when he picked up after instruments like the Yamaha TC Electronic Guitars and the Bigsby bridge as secondhand finds. Though the shop didn't yet have the name "Bigsby," the shop was soon given this name when it moved in along with a number of other shops located across the street. With a full array of products ranging from classical to blues, punk, and metal, the Bigsby Bridge shop quickly became known as one of the leading places to pick up secondhand instruments and transform them into an original sound. Since then, the shop has stayed true to its roots and continues to offer a huge variety of musical styles and musical instruments.

When it comes to musical instrument repair, no shop is better than the one in the town of Bigsby Bridge. Thanks to the many satisfied customers that can be found online and in Guitar Superstore catalogs, the legendary John Renbourn and the team at Tru-Arctic have built a reputation that's hard to beat. Renbourn and company take pride in offering the highest quality and performance for their customers, and this is evident in their devotion to customer service. In the past two years, they've expanded their menu and have added new floor models that have even more music and equipment to help you along your way. Whether you're looking for a Fender Stratocaster, a Gibson Flying V, a Washburn Electric guitar, a Santana Strat, or an Ovation Hummingbird, you're sure to find what you're looking for in the best place in town.

Since the shop started out by serving only the residents of the town of Bigsby Bridge, they were forced to close several times because of the high demand. But their troubles were soon forgotten when a young couple decided to open a guitar shop in the area called "Proteus." The name wasn't coined until the couple got to work two years ago. And since then, they've grown to be the best guitar shop in the region. Guitar Superstore and Tru-Arctic Music Factory have been happy to provide their customers with anything from Acoustic to Electric, Classical to Metal, and everything in between.

A few years back, a local radio DJ named Steve Gage came into town to play some gigs and ended up doing an interview with a local radio personality named Jason Gann. During the interview, Gage talked about the guitar shop that he frequents, explaining how he was very satisfied with the quality of his gear, and how helpful the staff was. He also talked about how his favorite part of coming to the store is being able to see all of the different guitars that proteus sells. And as you might expect, after a few months of being gone, Steve's "Fender Strat" wound up being sold all over the place!

So if you're in the mood for a quality guitar, a good place to go is Tru-Arctic Music Factory located at the corner of Bigsby Bridge and Main Street in Rockland, Maine. It was founded by Dan O'Brien, who has been playing the guitar for over 25 years. He's got his very own shop where he sells some of his best finds: mostly Fender Stratocasters induces woodwinds, plus he carries a few models of his own, as well. If you're looking for a nice Fender Stratocaster or any other model of this famous brand, you might want to visit Dan's shop during your next visit to Maine.

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