The 1959 LP Gold Top

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The 1959 LP Gold Top

For many guitar enthusiasts, the 1959 LP Gold Top is without a doubt the most valuable guitar ever made.1959 lp gold top electric guitar suppliers It was given to John Lennon by Yusef Islam, who had purchased it from a pawn shop in Tokyo, Japan. According to a later account, Yusef "threw it into the garbage" when he learned that its owner was a famous rock and roll artist. However, the guitar is still in perfect condition and can be seen on numerous occasions on the famous Beatles' videos. The name of the seller has also been inscribed on the finish of the guitar, providing further evidence of the guitar's popularity.

The Gold top features a satin finish on the fretboard and a thick gold body with gleaming silver and white pearl pickguard.1959 lp gold top electric guitar suppliers 1959 lp gold top electric guitar suppliers The vintage sound that this guitar produces is mostly achieved through the use of black pearls, mixed with chrome and nickel plating. It makes for a great addition to any Beatles collection!

This remarkable guitar comes with an owner's guide that contains information about the history of the piece. An original blue jacket is included along with details such as how the top was made and what process went into creating the guitar's distinctive look. Additionally, there is a listing of all authorized owners of the piece. An original blue jacket is also available as a commemorative item. A certificate of authenticity is provided with each guitar. An eight page illustrated checklist is included, as well as an individualized certificate of authenticity.

Although the list of authorized owners is short, there is still enough information included that it is possible to locate the correct name of the rightful owner of the top. Furthermore, all of the documents needed to obtain the top are included. This checklist is quite extensive, covering all of the essential parts and pieces that make up the 1958 LP Gold Top. The complete specifications and information needed to order the item is detailed in the checklist.

The price listed for the guitar is $2500. It is possible to purchase the piece from reputable music stores or online retailers selling authentic musical instruments. Prices vary depending on the scarcity and popularity of the piece. It is important to keep track of market prices when comparing prices from different stores.

Many collectors enjoy having the opportunity to add a colorful piece to their collections. If this is the first guitar played by a loved one, it can be an especially emotional experience. By purchasing an item of this era, a player can preserve a portion of history for future generations. The benefits of owning a piece from this era are plentiful. This guitar was produced for a popular audience, and will likely provide enjoyment for generations to come.

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