The 1959 LP Gold Top

  • Friday, 26 March 2021
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The 1959 LP Gold Top

Many folks might not realize it, but the 1959 LP Gold Top guitar is one of those collectible guitars that will always be a little bit coveted by guitar collectors.1959 lp gold top electric guitar The design of this guitar has some similarities with the Gibson Flying V, but it also features its own unique qualities that set it apart from other guitars in its era. To really appreciate the value of the 1959 LP Gold Top, you have to know what to look for and what to not.

For one thing, this guitar was used by famous rock and roll star along with other well known musicians.1959 lp gold top electric guitar 1959 lp gold top electric guitar It had a unique round body style that made it easy to hold. In addition to this, it also featured elaborate tuning systems that included an internal tuning pegs as well as a push button tailpiece. Some of these designs were made using a pair of hollowed out hollow steel bars with a heel effect. This specific design helped make it very comfortable to play as well as looking very cool.

Another characteristic that set this guitar apart from others was the use of three white pearl pickups.1959 lp gold top electric guitar These were also made using a round body design. On top of the three single coiled pearls, there was also a larger double coil made of porcelain. This gave the guitar a more solid feel. In addition, some of the designs even featured two volume pots which made them very popular indeed.

In addition to the above mentioned characteristics, many other designs were made with different stains to better suit various musical genres. Ranging from bright colors like red and black to natural shades like brown and green, the 1959 LP Gold Top was often complemented by elaborate artwork. Some of the best ones would feature wild ferns, giraffes, and wild flowers. Some of these designs are still being produced today for those who are looking for similar models.

A neck that was created for this particular guitar is one of the most unique features of this model. It was made by putting two pieces of wood side by side and fitting it with a metal cap. Later on, the same cap was replaced by another piece of wood that was slightly bigger. This enabled the guitar player to adjust the tension at anytime without taking his hand off the fret board. The result was much better control over the sound of the instrument as well as the ability to make finer adjustments.

A unique feature that was added to this model when production continued into the late 1960s was the addition of the gold top. Although this was not entirely new to guitar players, it was an innovation that helped give this model a more distinguished look. This is because the old necks of this model were already starting to turn yellow from the sun and had lost their tone somewhat. As a result, the change to the gold top brought about a brighter and fuller sound that lasted long into the future.

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