Back Bone Nut Saddles - Why Use Them?

  • Monday, 03 May 2021
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Back Bone Nut Saddles - Why Use Them?

Backbone bone nut saddles, also known as barrel saddles, are the most popular style of saddle on a number of guitars.backside bone nut saddles guitar suppliers Not only are they easy to use but they allow the guitarist to have a fretted or unfretted back. Guitarists who prefer fretted instrumentation often favor these types of saddles for their flexibility in changing the amount of frets and the different thicknesses of strings. But many guitar players also like the unbrowned backbone which is similar to the one that appears on a back.

backside bone nut saddles guitar suppliers

Nut saddles differ from nut cellars because they do not have a cover over the hole for the strap.backside bone nut saddles guitar suppliers This is the common practice for most companies. Most guitars that come with these types of saddles have a strip of leather attached to the saddle between the bridge (the large round piece on top) and the tail (a thin piece of leather). This leather strip is usually sewn in place by the guitar technician as part of the fitting process. If this procedure is not done or the guitar is assembled incorrectly, the leather may tear or become worn and damaged.

The nut is attached to the saddle by a threaded fastening device called a "caulk". A spacer is usually added between the nut and the saddle to prevent it from slipping. Another type of nut has a removable back. It is attached with a cinch-nut that has a threaded end. The other type is a mortise-and-tenon that has a threaded end.

Usually the back bone of a stringed instrument is made out of steel. Sometimes it is made out of mahogany or rosewood. Some manufacturers will special order back bones to fit their particular guitars. Once the backbone is made it is mounted on to the saddle by sewing or gluing a wing-nut onto it.

Sometimes the backbones are made as a part of the fitting process and the customer is given an exact measurement. In this case, the nut and the back of the guitar would be made precisely to the customer's specifications. Nut and saddles can also be custom made to fit a particular sound. Guitars often have different sized backbones that are specially made for each string; and these are called "target frets".

The standard size backbone is regulation sized to correspond to the diameter of the twelve strings on the guitar. Occasionally, however, the manufacturer might need to order a larger backbone, because of a special design requirement. On these cases the backbone would usually be ordered from another company. On extremely large guitars, such as Telecasters and Hummingbirds, there can be as few as two backbones. Usually they are made to correspond to the size of the bridge on the guitar.

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