1959LP Gold Top - A Great Gift For Any Music Enthusiast

  • Tuesday, 04 May 2021
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1959LP Gold Top - A Great Gift For Any Music Enthusiast

The 1959 LLP Gold Top is a classy gift for a true music lover.1959 lp gold top electric guitar The top has been used as a promotional item by many artists, including Rod Stewart, who wore it frequently on tour, covering his head with the signet of the band, to David Bowie, while he was recording the track Under Pressure. The popularity of this item is reflected in the fact that the design has been used on hundreds of album covers, sleeve designs and even mouse mats. Anyone who appreciate fine art, and classical music in particular, will be attracted by the beauty and classic design of this gift.

The design of the 1959 LLP Gold Top is made from original works of art by Andy Warhol.1959 lp gold top electric guitar 1959 lp gold top electric guitar Warhol had a profound effect on the world of art through his series of iconic works that feature iconic celebrities. This gift comes with a deluxe carry case that includes a genuine illustrated book of the works of Warhol, as well as a biography of the artist and a list of his most famous works.

The guitar that is featured in this gift is a Gibson Flying V.1959 lp gold top electric guitar The guitar has a cutaway body style, featuring fingerboard and fretboard with pearl neck and the famous "Fender Stratocaster" logo on the body. It also has a vintage tremolo bridge, vintage styled whammy bar and pearl pickguard. In addition it features the signature Al side "Basswood" block inlay, which is another of Andy Warhol's signatures. The guitar is fitted with a large tuning slide and front mounted pickup.

The player's name appears on the inside of the neck just below the pearl pickguard. The text is clear and easy to read. The guitar is also complete with the original three-point locking tremolo bridge and front mounted pickups. It also contains two pearl pickguards and one block of text.

The overall beauty of this guitar is reflected in its value. At present, this guitar is valued at nearly $1400. This price includes the buyer's premium and is very high indeed for a gold toned musical instrument. This piece of music has all the qualities of a beautiful guitar. It is rare, unique and different, making it worth a lot of money.

One can easily see why the 1959 LP Gold Top makes such an interesting gift. It is both rare and exquisite. To play on it would definitely make any music fans want to own it. Even if one cannot afford to get a guitar like this, he or she can still treasure this precious gift. After all, a guitar that belonged to the one who started the entire music revolution is something anyone would want.

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